Why Psychological Treatment Methods for Depression Can Work Better Than Antidepressants

Millions of people who are suffering from depression are currently taking antidepressant medication in an attempt to battle the condition. Oftentimes, doctors are quick to prescribe the medication — in fact , many times, it’s the first thing they do after diagnosing a patient.

One of the keys to understanding and treating depression is understanding what antidepressants really do: they tackle the symptoms of depression, not the roots. In many cases, psychotherapy and behavioral therapy are much more effective in treating depressive disorders and preventing relapse than medication is. Antidepressants can be useful, especially in cases where the symptoms are so intense that it prevents the patient from receiving any other kind of treatment. But even in those cases where major depressive disorder treatment is needed, antidepressants alone are rarely enough to permanently battle the condition — they are just an effective way to temporarily relieve the actual patient’s symptoms enough to allow him/her to receive properĀ terapia de casal porto alegre treatment.

Antidepressants are used to treat chemical imbalance in the brain, but what many do not realize is that the chemical discrepancy is usually a symptom of depression and not the cause. Even when treating the outward symptoms, antidepressants can be highly unpredictable. In one third of the cases, the medication is effective; in one third, it is partially efficient, and in the remaining third, it is not effective at all. In many cases, even when the prescription medication is working, the side effects are extremely unpleasant that the patient elects to stop using it. Also, antidepressants are not meant to be taken completely. When a patient stops taking them, he/she is likely to relapse.

Depression is often better combated without any medication at all. Psychological treatment methods for depression — especially certain kinds of psychotherapy — have proven highly effective in treating the problem permanently. Good counseling will break down each patient’s cycle of despression symptoms and help the patient identify unhealthy behaviors or thinking patterns and teach him/her how to change them. If there is a particular event that triggered the depression, counseling can help the individual work through which as well.

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